A class to store course role data, including a veteran role and data on course attributes


  • CourseRole


  • Parameters

    • options: {
          jointClass?: string;
          name?: string;
          number: string;
          prefix: string;
          role: Role;
          veteranRole: Role;
          video?: boolean;

      Set of options for course data

      • Optional jointClass?: string
      • Optional name?: string
      • number: string
      • prefix: string
      • role: Role
      • veteranRole: Role
      • Optional video?: boolean

    Returns CourseRole


category: undefined | CategoryChannel

Keeps track of the category associated with this class

jointClass: undefined | string

A course to share a category with this course, bi-directional (both classes point to each other)

name: string

Name of course, optional, automatically generated based on prefix and number if omitted

number: string

Number for course, examples: 101, 300, 325

prefix: string

Prefix for course, examples: CSC, CIS, SOC

role: Role

Role for active students

veteranRole: Role

Role for students that have passed through a class, should be able to access archives

video: boolean

Whether or not the course requires video information

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